I have a friend whom I met in junior high school, but we started as best friend since high school until now. She is a smart, attractive, funny girl and have big dreams. She has high imaginations, which in high school she used to manifested it into writings : scribbles in friend’s folder, imaginary love letters and her remarkable works were short love stories which became bestseller reading among girl students.
She is like a magnet. She  never intended to seek attention in the crowd, but in the end people will always showering attention to her. She’ll make you laugh and feel comfortable while with her. She has a peculiar yet beautiful name which means “Love healer”. Well she is a love addict and good spreader 😛
Few days ago, she was married with the man who has accompanied her for 7 years. I’m truly happy for both of them, since I’ve had witnessed their love journey until finally they committed to live together as hubby and wife 🙂
As we know, there is no perfection in this world including love. So I take this quote “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly”. I hope they find peace within themselves as they’re together and complete each other.
May Allah bless and protect their little family 🙂
The images above are my illustration for their wedding souvenir (key chain).

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