West Elm frame

I just found out West Elm when I was browsing ideas for wall decoration. Lately I realized that I never  really decorate in my real life ( in this case : my room). Quite ironic for a person like me who always decorates something : drawing, coloring, designing  but only in computer. The final artworks spread out there (in magazine, books or greeting card), and only the mess remains in my room. sigh…

I’m thinking to spend more time for home decorating.

Simple yet elegant.

It doesn’t mean i want to shop in West Elm 😛 not yet..

I just found the idea of what kind of wall decoration I need for now. Something I can do by my self and easy to make. Hmm.. maybe I can put old drawings, colorfull scribbles or leaves texture prints or whatever, they will look neat and pretty in frames.

Sure thing we can get this similar frame of west elm’s in our local frame store. Lets be creative! 🙂


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