Happy Eid Mubarak 2010!!

These are  some of my 2010 Idul Fitri card design for Capricorn. Happy Eid Mubarak!! 😀 see more works here

if 1 WM copyPS : Since I found out that someone stealing my artworks and make money from it without my permission, I put watermark on my works. Especially this Eid Mubarak design. Every year I keep finding  people sell cushions with my design/illustration on it. I know this is a risk for uploading your work on internet, even when you already minimize the size they keep stealing it. Honestly I don’t really like watermark on my works because I think it reduces the beauty and not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But now I think it’s a must thing to do to protect your artwork. People please appreciate and respect someone’s artwork by not stealing it. If you really like the pictures/illustrations you can still download it but not for commercial use. If you want to commercialize it , just contact the artist. If they like to cooperate and work together with you then you will get wider access for their amazing works without feeling guity (if you have any) and be a sinner. For you who like to steal other work : the money that you gain from other works will bring you nothing but evilness to your life. Goodluck!


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